Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is fairly old news, but since it's in my 'hood it shall be mentioned. Independent Natural Resources, Inc. (INRI (not a stock symbol)) has some interesting technology. From their website:
The SEADOGTM pump captures ocean-wave energy to pump large volumes of seawater, consuming no fuel or electricity and creates no polluting by-products in the process. The pump uses buoyancy to convert wave energy to mechanical energy...There are many applications for the SEADOGTM pump from power generation to aquafarming. INRITM is currently developing seawater desalination systems and hydroelectric energy generation.
I like that their outlook seems realistic. They're not saying that the SEADOG will someday produce all the world's energy; and they're approach of target desalinization as an application seems fairly unique. They seem to have had some positive test data, so expect to hear more about INRI in the future.